About Theretirement guys...

Meet the Founders:

Nolan Baker and Mark Clair


 The Retirement Guys employ licensed financial and legal professionals who can assist you in creating a solid financial, estate and legacy plan, protecting your assets from unnecessary taxes and legal fees including minimizing the chance your estate will go through probate.

 The Retirement Guys is an independent financial planning firm, consisting of collaborating legal and financial professionals who specialize in the stages of retirement planning, and provide retirees with financial, legal and tax counsel.

 Independence allows for The Retirement Guys to provide objective and comprehensive advice, serving the specific needs of their clients, and not that of a represented product or corporate driven solution.

 Mark Clair, Attorney not only helps create an efficient plan to avoid probate and distribute your assets to your loved ones, but also includes planning for usually the biggest or second biggest asset most people own---your retirement plan or IRA!! Have you done any estate planning for your retirement account? Most basic estate plans do not include this crucial planning. Inquire about the new IRA Inheritance Trust

 Nolan Baker, U.S. Military Veteran and one of The Retirement Guys, incorporates the structure he learned from his military career to develop and implement a strategic approach, The Freedom Formula, to the financial planning process for each of his clients.

 We help the residents of Northwest Ohio prepare for retirement by offering all-inclusive planning services, addressing the necessary steps one must take to meet the financial, legal and tax objectives for retirement.

 The Retirement Guys Ohio care for their clients as they do for their own family members, addressing the personal goals of each client and family, in addition to the financial objectives when creating or improving upon a retirement plan.

 We specialize in the “de-accumulation” stage of the retirement planning process, and assist retirees with strategizing and implementing an effective and efficient distribution of their retirement savings during retirement, and distribution of their estate upon passing, avoiding unnecessary taxes and legal fees.

 Working primarily with pre-retirees and retirees on how to improve upon their already existing retirement and distribution plan, The Retirement Guys also welcome individuals who are in need of assistance with getting their current finances in order and strategizing on their next step to Financial Freedom.

 We strongly believe in Financial Freedom and educate Northwest Ohio residents on how achieve it through our educational (open and free to the public) Financial Freedom Forums and “The Retirement Guys” radio show.

 Our goal is to ensure you have Financial Freedom so you can truly enjoy and relax in your retirement, and live free from worry or financial hardship.

 Bringing over 34 years of collective legal and financial experience, executives Nolan Baker and Mark Clair, have the strategic knowledge on how to effectively and efficiently position one’s finances to help meet the desired retirement and estate planning objectives.

 The Retirement Guys provide comprehensive financial solutions addressing all facets needed to achieve a relaxing retirement.

 The Retirement Guys can assist you with creating a legacy plan, so the items, policies and assets you wish to benefit your heirs or charities will happen as you originally intended.

 The legal and financial professionals of The Retirement Guys can help you achieve Financial Freedom through their Five R’s of Retirement:

Review: Taking the time to review your financial portfolio annually is crucial to preventing avoidable financial hardships during your retirement years. The Retirement Guys can assist you with an inclusive review of your current financial standing and provide insight as to how you can recover from an under planned retirement.

Reflect: Checking that your risk tolerance mirrors your retirement goals is essential to a strong and stable retirement plan. The Retirement Guys can help you reduce your risk to meet your financial objectives, ultimately, helping your money last your lifetime.

Reallocate: Transitioning into retirement can be a complicated step in life; The Retirement Guys can help you reallocate your assets in the most tax efficient manner, and set up a distribution plan for drawing an income from your retirement savings.

Resolve: Strategizing for your estate can have a significant impact on your loved ones, resolve your estate and legacy plan today and let The Retirement Guys help you preserve and protect your assets should something unexpected happen to you or your loved ones.

Relax: Planning for your retirement is only half of the battle; The Retirement Guys can help you review your retirement and estate plan each year, keep you informed on any legal, regulation or economic changes that may impact your financial wellbeing, and strategize on how to keep your plan on track with your financial goals, helping you gain and retain your Financial Freedom.

A Relaxing Retirement, The Only Thing Missing Is You